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Website Redesign of Scrept.COM, and why your Website need a Redesign

Every once in a while, businesses need refreshment and this is even more critical for businesses in the web design industry. The tech ecosystem is fast evolving and we have to evolve with it. Therefore, a website redesign can give any business a fresh breath. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what connects businesses with prospective clients, and I kept evolving, and constantly making it easier to develop a long-lasting relationship with clients.

For some of you who may be aware, I’ve been away for almost a year to pursue my Masters’ Degree. During this period, I never had the chance to fully concentrate on business. And just recently when I completed my program, I decided to make some changes on the website that goes beyond just simple adjustment here and there. In fact, I redesigned the entire website and gave it a fresh new look. But why would I make this change when the previous design was superb in its own way? Well, it all boils down to 5 major reasons.

To properly communicate brand values

I realized that clients always want to do business with brands whose values matches their own. For this reason, I rewrite the entire copy of the website to properly communicate the value proposition of Scrept.COM. Scrept was built to help businesses achieve their success online. Now instead of outlining these value proposition and making the customer know what they stand to benefit, the previous copy focuses mainly on technicalities which may be beneficial only to those within the tech community. Again, after running this business for several years, my business model and clientele has been refined, and therefore I decided to incorporate all these changes into the new design in order for it to align with my brand and to clearly showcase the work I do.

Brand positioning

Through years of experience, I realized that creating a unique impression that will help your customer to associate something specific and desirable with your brand is an important business strategy. For that, I decided to work on my brand positioning. But what exactly is brand positioning? Simply put, it is the act of designing a business offering and identity to occupy a distinct place in the mind of the target market.

To improve usability and conversion rates

Usability is one of the core principle of website design but it has often been overlooked. Personally, I will say that usability is the holy grail of any web design project. Why? Because if your product is difficult to use, then you stand the risk of losing potential clients. I wouldn’t say the previous design had a bad usability. However, there were some obvious improvement I felt I need to make in order to improve the user experience of the website. For instance, I used a combination of Playfair display and ABeeZee fonts in the previous design. These weren’t bad fonts in anyway but I’ve found that a combination of Oswald and Roboto speaks more about what my brand stands for. Another important thing that I change is the color of the website. I switched from a complete dark mode to a more friendly light green with some touches of black. I have also drastically resized and reduce the use of images to improve site speed and loading time.

To boost SEO and website performance

As I mentioned above, the old website has lots of images and not too many written contents. To solve this, I reduced the use of imagery and resized those I need to use. This is good for SEO and site performance because Google has confirmed on their blog that site speed is one of the most important signals used by its search algorithm to rank pages. I also carried out lots of backend CSS and JS Minification to speed up the site and to reduce load time.

seo optimized mobile friendly website redesign

To incorporate a better content strategy

I realized that engaging content on any website have the capacity to boost everything from customer acquisition to search engine optimization. And with the way Google algorithm keeps changing, I am better off adopting solid content strategy that will help me to move ahead of the curve. I have decided to focus on creating content that solves the problem I know my target audience may have. If you’re reading this, then be sure to subscribe to my newsletter as I will be sending some useful resources that will help you grow your business.

I am excited that the new website is ready, and while it is too early to call it an electrifying success, I believe it’s a good step in the right direction. I will come back here to update you with an overview of the site’s improvement since launch. May I also say that I’ve already started applying the lesson learned to the works I do for my clients. And if you’re planning to redesign your website, then you can talk to me let’s see how we can make it happen.

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